For Medical Personnel

We at the Center are conducting research projects to ascertain the realities of angioedema in Japan and to use what is learned to benefit society.  We at the Center also provide support to associations of hereditary angioedema (HAE) patients.

Our projects involve

  1. Support for the activities of associations of HAE patients
  2. Creation of an HAE database
  3. Creation of a database of forms of angioedema besides HAE
  4. Diagnostic support: Genetic analysis, measurement of C1q levels, C1 inhibitor assay
  5. Treatment recommendations
  6. Joint research with medical facilities
  7. Construction of a network to link the Center and medical facilities and share information

We at the Center welcome the involvement of medical personnel who are interested in our activities and medical facilities that would like to join us in ascertaining the realities of HAE.