Kumimu-net [kumimu is a play on the Japanese word mukumi, which means “swelling”] with support from everyone.  Members Only page and bulletin board

Goals of establishing a patients’ association

This association seeks to provide medical care and welfare services that offer patients peace of mind.  This is achieved by joining with patients who have angioedema and their family members to deal with their illness and by assembling people to support those efforts.

Policy on activities

  1. To connect members with one another and encourage fellowship.  To share the latest and most accurate information about this condition.
  2. To ascertain the realities of angioedema and to enhance and improve medical care based on the information obtained.

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An announcement from Kumimu-net. NEW

Kumimu-net. offers pamphlets on edema for patients.
If you would like copies, please e-mail create23jp@yahoo.co.jp.